Notary Lighting 3 Ways with Bess Piergrossi

Our lighting collection is timeless and can be used to brighten up any room in your house. We had the pleasure of working with Bess Piergrossi on one one of our latest lamp designs, inspired by vintage Italian Marble table lamps. In this Journal post we get to see how Bess styles this lamp 3 ways in her gorgeous Maine farmhouse. 
Photo by Bess Piergrossi

Room 1-The Office 

A lamp on the desk is a well established placement. A beautiful, added detail to your workspace and equally useful for late evenings spent pouring over books and papers. Here, Bess styles the lamp on an old farmhouse table, with a vintage oil painting and small collection of books. A beautiful, yet simple way to add an element of history and personality to a corner. 


Room 2-The Bedroom

There is nothing better than settling in after a long day, to a clean, beautiful environment and this bedroom is just that. Simple, yet personal, Bess uses a minimal approach to create a calming space. Following a neutral pallet, she has the lamp elegantly placed on the bedside-an antique chest of drawers-that perfectly compliments the rest of the room. 

What we love about this placement is that the lamp inevitably becomes a part of your everyday routine. The lamp is the last thing you switch off in the evening, and the first thing you turn on in the morning. The soft diffused light emited by the pleated linen shade casts a gorgeous glow in this intimate space. 

Room 3-The Living Room

Last but not least, she displays the lamp in her sun-lit living room. Propped with a small stack of books, and ornate decorative pillows, the lamp sits on a wooden stool, turned side table. Perfect for movie nights curled up on the sofa. 

Bess' approach to furnishing is unique, in that she is not afraid to alter the use of each piece. A stool as a side table, chest of drawers as a nightstand etc. She shows that how you curate your space is completely up to you! And of course, made all the better with handmade ceramic lighting...

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