Two New Series - The Painted Hills & The Kentucky Clay Collection

The Kentucky Clay Collection 
Series No. 4
This collection is created from a very unique clay that was sent to us all the way from the southern state of Kentucky. 
We created a small series of vases and vessels out of this unique black clay. 
We glazed them all with our matte grey glaze which gave them a unique, textured surface. 
These pieces are not part of our standard line of pots and will not be re-created. 
The Painted Hills Collection
For this special collection of just 4 pieces, we collected the colorful sand and rock from eastern Oregon's Painted Hills. 
We wedged and worked the sand and grit into our porcelain clay body and threw 4 distinct vases which we left unglazed on the outside, and finished the inside with a smooth satin white glaze. 
On each pot there are unique areas where the larger pieces of sand and grit has melted out and smoothed with the introduction of heat. 
As the Painted Hills of eastern Oregon are a truly magical place, we wanted to bring a small amount of that beauty into the studio. 
We hope you love them like we do!

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