Rituals - Floral with Jessica Miller of Oak + Ash

RITUAL // I believe to invite ritual into our patterns is to make a promise to ourselves to pursue peace wherever we find our work.

Ritual doesn't have to be repetitive but can be the simple motion to connect with your core before setting it into purpose. Flowers themselves are soft, rarely needing to be altered or adjusted but the work surrounding them is hard. In the work I do, it’s easy to let the hardness of the job shape me. Connecting with nature outside of the constraints of a project allows me to see clearly. It gives me a new breath. A new sense of direction and vision.

Taking time to simply stand in the breeze contributes to my ritual. The pause. The longing for depth and desire for impact. To simply pick a bloom of clover, to simply lean in and smell the early spring blossoms, to simply sit in the grass as it moves to the rhythm of the earth.
To simply be, and connect. To simply create ritual.
Words by Jessica Miller of Oak + Ash
Photography by Codi Ann Backman
Pictured is our x-large ikebana floral ring and matte grey minimal taper candle holders

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