New Year, Fresh Start

At the beginning of each new year there is often a contagious and overwhleming desire to re-prioritize our lives and to think deeply about how we want our next chapter to feel. 
It is a ritual that can be positive if we give ourselves the grace and the time to do so without unrealistic expectations. 
At Notary we will be coming out with new, heirloom quality, products that will, with any luck and a bit of care, last for generations to come.
Contributing and creating slow made, sustainable and long lasting products to the market is something we feel passionate about, and this year we will focus on bringing more of these items to your fingertips.
With more thoughtful buying, we actually consume less, and make a better impact on our own lives as well as the lives of others. 
It is not lost on us that the luxury of choice is often available only for those with the means to do so. It has become so much less expensive to buy the mass produced options available at all of our fingertips, and the heirloom quality products are now thought of as extravagant. 
I long for the time when we had less, but each item had meaning and purpose. We held onto things and passed them down to our family members, as they actually stood the test of time. 
We treated our belongings with care, and we accumulated these things at a much slower pace. 
In this next year we hope to provide you with options for items that will bring you joy in your home and your everyday life. But that will also be items to love and cherish for years to come. 
With continuity in the products we produce each year, you can be confident that with your purchase you are beginning to create a collection of items that you can slowly build on as time and finances allow. 
With Love, 

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