Meet the Makers | Iris Hantverk

Introducing Iris Hantverk 
As a maker myself, I am always appreicative of the work that goes into a handcrafted product. Our shelves are slowly filling with pieces created by artists both local, and worldwide, and I am excited to introduce some of the wonderful creatives and creative companies we have the opportunity of working with. 

One of our newest additions to the shop are these beautifully handcrafted dish brushes and brooms created by Swedish brand Iris Hantverk. Handcrafted by a small team of visually impaired craftsmen using natural materials, these brushes are a beautifully functional adition to your home. 

We're obsessed with all of their products, but the pieces we can't live without are the Oiled beech hand broom, Wood handled dish brush, and the Wooden table brush and dustpan set 
Hint.....We haven't found a better dishwashing tool than the Natural dishwashing scrubber 
We are so excited to be working with a brand that follows the same values and ethical practices that are so important to us. These brushes can be found in our shop accompanied by new ceramic pieces, linen, cutlery and more. Come take a peek for yourself! 
Xo Sarah 

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