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Storefront Series by Magnolia Network featuring Notary Ceramics: Season 1, Episode 4



 There is nothing like opening up the shop after a holiday - the sense of freshness and the smell of wood and candles are always a welcomed greeting committee.  This year, the excitement is felt even more as the whole family sits down to view the the release of Episode 4 of Magnolia Network's Storefront Series featuring our shop! 

Notary Ceramics: Shop Handmade Ceramics and Home Goods



“I never intended to open a shop, but I’m really grateful that this is where I am.”


The original desire to create beautiful pieces that stand the test of time remains in tact. Today, Notary comprises of a small team of passionate individuals who believe in creating and curating long lasting pieces to fill our homes and our lives with. While ceramics will always be our primary passion and focus, we have come to find so much pleasure in pairing our wares with the creations of other makers, and other natural materials.




I’ve got to say, it feels good to have this space be seen and celebrated! Many thanks to the Magnolia Network for producing this film. It was an honor to take part in, and our family and whole team is ever grateful.  


Do these faces look familiar? Our friends Tara and Percy of Jersey Ice Cream Co. have also been featured by Magnolia Network called "The Story of Home". After years of designing interiors for others, now they're taking on a live-in renovation for their own farmhouse in upstate New York. We will be doing a journal feature on them soon, so stay tuned!


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