Introducing Special Series Collections

I have been doing this crazy job of hand making and hand throwing ceramics for the past 4 years and have spent most of that time honing my skills as a production potter. 
If you are unfamiliar with this term it pretty much means that I create a product line and then produce multiple pieces based off of the original piece that I created. 
This is a very good business model if you want to specialize in production for wholesale accounts and for restaurants and cafes. It is not so good if you are dreaming of constantly creating new pieces and one of a kind objects. 
One of my dearest friends recently suggested that I start creating a special line of one-of-a-kind Series Collections. This gives me to opportunity to be creative and free with my designs while also offering my customer something that is unique and limited edition. 
The first two Series Collections are online now, and have mostly sold out within the first week of availability. I will take this as a green light to continue down this path of creativity and will be unveiling the next Series in a week or so. 
Keep your eyes peeled for these unique pieces and ponder whether you might like to own a one of a kind Notary piece while they last! 
with love,

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