Introducing Rituals - Our 2020 Collection

As our time becomes more precious, and our lives are increasingly busy, we find that the small moments in our day are where we place the most value and importance.

Making that cup of tea in the morning, going on a long walk during your lunch break, or setting the table at night, each of these processes takes up a small fraction of your day, yet they are what we think of when we crawl under the covers and drift off to sleep at night. 

When thinking of what to create for this new year I had so many ideas swirling around in my head. The wonderful, and also sometimes debilitating, thing about working with clay is that the extent of what you can create with your own two hands and a bit of mud are truly endless.

This is why I have taken the last couple of months to truly research and pour time into what I wanted to add to our already extensive collection of ceramic pieces, and what perhaps, I was ready to take away. 

So, in going into the spring of this new year we are going to be focusing on rituals. To make life easier for us we have broken these rituals into 6 distinct categories. They are as follows; Dining, Sake, Tea + Matcha, Coffee, Fire, and Floral.


Each week we will be introducing a new ritual from this series. We have paired with an expert from each of these various disciplines, and they will be sharing their tips and experience with us. 

We will have all new items available for pre-order as they are introduced through this platform as well as on our Instagram page.

We look forward to hearing your reactions and to sharing this journey with you.




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