Dwellings: Life in a Michigan Farmhouse with Morgan Ford

We are excited to introduce our latest series: Dwellings, in which we feature beautiful homes and spaces from around the world. First up-a beautifully restored farmhouse in Michigan, home to creator Morgan Ford and her family. Below, see a bit about how she created such an inspiring space and advice she has for creating a warm and inviting space of your own. 
Hello! Please introduce yourself
A little bit about me- about ten years ago I married my neighbor and we purchased his grandparent’s home! Smack dab in the middle of my family farm and his. We spent the last decade working on fixing the foundation, running new electrical, plumbing, etc. etc. If you can think it, we did it. I am an RN working part-time, and he works full time in HVAC. We have two little boys and are still working on various projects around the farm and in the home. I am so happy to say we are finally finished with the upstairs of this 1861 year old farmhouse. What is one thing you love about where you live? I love the four seasons. I feel it makes me appreciate the season I am in as soon as it will change.


What sparked your love of interiors and design?
I have always loved interiors! My mom always was into making her house feel a home and slowly changing the home with minimal decorations inspired by the season that is present. I always loved flowers scattered around the home from fresh in spring to summer to dried flowers in the fall and greens in the winter.


How do you find/source the pieces in your home?
I love antiques! My mom always said she drugged me to every estate sale, auction, antique store on Saturdays and more. Nowadays I find Facebook marketplace to be a fun source, but i still have a deep love for antique stores and a good auction or estate sale when close to the home!

How would you describe your personal style, and approach to interior design?
Minimal. The older i get i can't emphasize less is more enough. How have you been spending the summer? Do you have any plans for the coming months? Living in an old farmhouse, summer time is such a valuable time! the hubby has been working his way around the house fixing the foundation, replacing old windows and doors, new roof, and finally installing new siding! He has been chasing his tail! He has been making his way around the house slow and steady, but we are getting there! This week we are having above ground electrical wires buried and this has been something we have dreamt of doing since we moved in! after that he will be able get back to working on the house and getting the last 1/3 done or at least partly done before winter comes!
Any advice for people looking to create warm and inviting spaces?
My biggest advice is patience. living in a space before you change it. For me the most inviting and welcoming homes are those that "make sense." for me that means spaces that are usable and practical. My goals are to have a home that everyone feels comfortable from family to friends, and having decor that is there to be used. Oh and fresh flowers, nothing is better than fresh flowers sprinkled about when in season!
See more of Morgan's home HERE

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