Introducing Devon's Drawer

 We are very excited about our most recent collaboration with beautiful brand Devon's Drawer. A female owned clothing company out of Canada, all handmade in California-we are completely in love with these pretty pieces. Below, mother-daughter pair, Meera and Cynthia, share a little about the heavenly brand they run together. 
Photos by Kris LeBoeuf 
Meera - My mom has a background in textile and costume history, so I think that really informs the way that she designs clothing. She made all our clothes growing up, until we stopped wanting to wear handmade clothing (and wanted to just wear those sweet red guess jeans). When my son Devon was born, she started making him clothing, and then it slowly turned into a business. We actually started with upcycled clothing using old sweaters, but we realized that it just wasn't scalable for us at all. We then shifted our focus to natural and organic textiles, and we try to use (new) recycled textiles when we can. 
Although I help my mom run the business I also work full time so she really takes on the lions share of the work. She's literally constantly sewing. I'm actually a lawyer, so this has been a huge learning curve for me. I've always loved fashion and design, but I didn't even have an Instagram account when we started!
Cynthia - Maybe the thing for us is designing from the textiles instead of the other way around. I spend a lot of time looking for what feels right, stands up to wear and looks the way I want it to even in a year. I want the people who wear our pieces to feel that we are working, and designing, for them. 


Eloise wears the Gardenia skirt, Sage jacket, and the Virginia blouse

Sylvie wears the Sylvia dress in navy

Sarah wears the Women's Sage Jacket



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