Collecting Holiday Memories

Intentionality in all the small, seemingly simple moments are what make up the stories we live into.


Wintertime comes and like the slow burn of a wood stove, warmth and intentionality are rekindled back into our rhythms.  This year, our household is inviting a few new-to-us simple traditions, my favorite being adorning the tree with thoughts, events, and memories that shaped us the past twelve months. This has already changed the way we idealize the holiday season and has us focused on the real-life happenings.  I put on the tea, add the daily simmering pot of orange, cinnamon and rosemary to the stove, and set off to focus on gratitude. 
  Of course, there are the old traditions as well, like hanging the ornaments on the tree the day after Thanksgiving or pulling out the apple turnover recipe from nana's cookbook.





Leave holiday bustle at the front door, put on your coziest socks, and make time for simple moments to flourish. We hope this season brings you moments of rekindling that love of being present and indulging in the small things.

With love, 

Create space for your own rekindling.


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