Lampshade Assembly Instructions























We highly recommend that there are two people to fit the skirt to
the frame to prevent damage to the lampshade skirt/notches.



Video instructions can be found here




#1 Stand the lampshade skirt up vertically on a
table top with the notches closest to the surface of
the table i.e. at the bottom

#2 With person 1 cupping the lampshade skirt at
the bottom, person 2 needs to push the wire frame
down inside the pleated skirt, with the smaller/top
ring head first

#3 When the smallest ring is aligned with the
notches, gently press and snap the lampshade skirt
onto it, by pushing inwards from the outside of the
skirt towards the ring. Please ensure all notches are
snapped on before person 1 releases hold.




For further help please feel free to reach out via email