Waking Up From Winter

Waking up from Winter to a clean and tidy home is the most refreshing way to enter the Spring season. Don’t you agree? Now, maybe we’re getting ahead of ourselves with the idea of spring cleaning while today is grey and gloomy, but each day we’re getting closer & closer to Springtime! 
If your intention is to simplify and detoxify your home this spring, consider tools made of natural materials that are handmade, sustainably. Not only are our brushes perfect for scrubbing off Winter buildup, they’re also beautiful and organic, making for household tools you won’t want to hide underneath your kitchen sink.
Our brush collection is largely made up of products made in Sweden by a movement started in the late 1900s. To this day, each brush at this small manufacturer, is made by a visually impaired craftsman with traditional brush bonding techniques. 
Aligned with the ethos of our ceramics, sustainability and longevity, you will find countless other household essentials that are mindful and organic additions to your everyday routines and supportive of your Spring cleaning goals: baskets, towels, natural soaps and room sprays, fresh linens and so much more.
While the literal clean of Spring cleaning is revitalizing and refreshing, you may also consider energetically cleansing your space. Something I love to do periodically is simply check-in with my home. I thank it for all it has held for me during a season like Winter, and invite any energies that are no longer of service to me or my family to depart out of an open window. In its place, I welcome in the fresh start of a new month or season, in this case Spring, and call upon supportive energies for what lies ahead in the month or months to come. 
Happy Spring Cleaning to you! 

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