The Significance of Lighting

Lighting is often a room's missed opportunity for style, sophistication and texture. It is something seen as purely functional, and therefore the last to be made eye-catching and beautiful. Not here, though. 
Notary Ceramic table lamp with ruffle on top of a distressed wooden table
Like any of our other heirloom pieces, a Notary light fixture is treated with care and tenderness. There's an understanding that you aren't simply buying a lamp, but an art piece that will last for lifetimes. 
Notary Ceramic lamp on a wooden table with a green stem in a small vase
lighting contributes to the overall experience of your home. It creates depth, it adds warmth to the coziest corner, it attracts attention to your favorite nook or end table. Great lighting gives your home that, sit down and stay a while, feeling.
Tall notary ceramic lamp with a ruffle on a wooden table next to a platter of purple grapes and golden pears
Where might you incorporate a Notary table lamp? On the countertop next to your coffee maker so you don't need to turn on the harsh, bright lights early in the morning. Next to the coziest corner of your sofa for late night reading. On your bathroom vanity top to set a gentler mood when you step into a relaxing bath... 
Our latest Limited Edition Lighting Collection celebrates the significance of lighting with unique and one of a kind pieces made especially with you in mind. 

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