The Art of Ikebana

There still may be a chill in the air, but we are making the most of every break in the clouds + enjoying foraging spring blooms to fill our newly released small collection of floral vessels.

            The Japanese practice of Ikebana is the art of arranging flowers, stems, leaves, and other natural pieces in vases and vessels. While there are multiple uses and meanings through this practice, we have been most attracted to its ability to highlight the minimalism through natural elements. It is said through Ikebana, the artist is represented through their designs.

Flared Compote  Flared Compote 

We hope to help facilitate an opportunity for you to experience this representation for yourself. The new growth of spring has inspired us to recreate some of our past styles while also expanding into some new designs. 

Budding Ikebana Flower Frog Sand


Bud Vase  



Florists like our dear friend, KonMari, take up this practice and bring it to life. If you're looking to lean into this wabi-sabi arranging style, follow her guide to Ikebana flower arranging. We've had the pleasure of collaborating with her on a vessel in the past which can be seen in Ikebana Unbound.

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Flared Compote          Budding Ikebana Flower Frog Sand
Sand Ramen Bowl      Sphere Bud Vase Sand     Lidded Ikebana Canister
 Tapered Candle Holder Matte White    Custom Notary Lighting #286     Faceted Pitcher

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