We're Feeling Inspired: A Spring Home

Little blooms and buds are starting to crack open and in tandem we've been flooded with new life and inspiration for the season ahead here at Notary. Creative projects and new offerings can't wait to be making their way out of the pottery studio and into the shop. As always, the seasonal transition is equally true for my home. The approaching season is begging to be reflected in my surroundings, which means lightening up the winter wares and swapping them out for some lighter and brighter elements. Here are some sweet and simple ideas to incorporate the season's change into your home interiors, from me to you.
Bring The Outdoors In
One of my favorite ways to celebrate this season is by filling my home with pretty blooms and new potted plants, sometimes even some potted herbs for my kitchen. While my green thumb could absolutely use some help, Spring always feels like the best season to give a new plant a whirl. Should all else fail, a dramatic, blooming stem or bouquet of Tulips usually does the trick.
Natural Materials
Weaving natural materials into my home is certainly a year-round endeavor. One that definitely feels heightened in the Springtime. This is when I rearrange my woven storage baskets, pull out my wooden serving bowls to hold seasonal produce, and collect my stoneware vases to display stems and branches. Organic materials can also show up as natural woven rugs, linen or cotton throws, and fresh botanicals.
Lighten it Up
Spring offers the invitation to shed some of our heavier winter layers. If you're someone who hangs think window coverings in the darker months, you might now replace them with an airy option that will dance in the breeze of your open windows. I pack away the heavier blankets and pull out the lighter throws, and though I do have a neutral pallette, I will do my best to brighten it up for these sweet spring months. Throw pillows, kitchen linens, and especially artwork are wonderful ways to incorporate new, bolder colors into your home.
Spring Equinox is just about a month away. This gives us all plenty of time to play with our cherished belongings and curate a perfectly pleasing Springtime aesthetic! 
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