Rituals - Introducing FLORAL

When I was creating this new line of vases and ikebana vessels I wanted to create things that allowed the user to create a very intentional moment. Whether that be a large vessel filled with freshly cut branches from a tree in your back yard, or a petite ikebana ring that can be filled with the smallest dandelions that your kids bring home from school. Each piece is designed to bring whimsy and artistic inspiration into your home. 


To demonstrate just how thoughtful a floral ritual can be we have styled our new pieces with found and dried floral. 

In this time of great distress, our world needs beauty and we need thoughtful moments to reflect on the positive things in our lives. The simple act of wandering around your neighborhood, smelling the fresh air, snipping a twig from a flowering tree, listening to the birds....these things make us feel grounded. 

Rituals are interesting...they can start from the smallest act. Last year I started going on walks with my girls to school in the morning. No matter what season it was we decided to look for something pretty to forage and to bring home and put in a vase, or hang on the wall. It was a fun challenge to look for pretty dried weeds in the winter, dandelions popping up through the cracks in the sidewalks in the spring, and in the summer we found we could fill a whole vase with the arrangements we collected on these walks. 

Now that school is cancelled we have taken to walking around our neighborhood, through the local park and natural areas and into the woods near our home. 

The nice thing about a floral ritual is that it can be as simple or as complex as you desire. 

Here is mine- 
1- Go on a walk with clippers or scissors in my pocket. 
2- Keep my eyes open to interesting dried weeds, disintegrating leaves, bushes and trees in full bloom, fruit left to rot or dry on the branch, and any kind of pretty or gnarled and twisted sticks. 
3- bring everything home and lay it out on my table. 
4- decide which vessel to use
5- fill vessel with cool, fresh water
6- slowly and carefully choose each bloom or branch to begin adding to the vase. The more intentional you are the better your arrangement will look. 
7- fill in any large holes or gaps with remaining foliage. 
8- place in a new spot in your home where you can enjoy the beauty of your wabi-sabi creation. 

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