Rituals - Introducing COFFEE with Rebekah from Heart Roasters

We have been fans of Heart Coffee long before they asked us to create some ceramics for their three coffee shops. It was love at first taste, and we are still drinking their delicious brews years later. 
We wanted to talk to Rebekah, one of the owners of Heart Coffee, about her personal coffee ritual. As a mom of three beautiful daughters and a co-owner in their successful coffee business, Rebekah knows the importance in protecting time for rituals. But she also has a deep knowledge of coffee. Here she shares her own practice with us.

"I change out the origin of the coffee I brew fairly regularly. That is because sometimes I want a rich cup of coffee that is floral & fruit forward, like an Ethiopian. Other times, I appreciate the bigger chocolate flavors with subtle stone fruit and vanilla notes, so I opt for a Central American coffee from Honduras or Guatemala. It really just depends on my mood. Right now, I am loving an African coffee--Kenya Kieni. With the perfect balance of chocolate & fruit, Kieni is my go to first thing in the morning!"

I love a good cup of drip coffee, but unless someone else is drinking it with me, I find a pour over to be faster, waste less, and just as satisfying. We are fairly nerdy when it comes to coffee, so we make sure we have all the tools needed to brew the best cup of coffee we can.

What you will need:

  • a decent burr grinder
  • hario range server
  • digital timer
  • acacia scale
  • electric fellow kettle
  • filtered water
  • a hario V60
  • oxidized paper filters
  • a favorite mug.

Pour Over Coffee Recipe:

  • Turn the kettle on, set to 212 degrees F.
  • Pour hot filtered water through the filter to get paper taste out.
  • Place V60 on hario range server & set on scale--zero out.
  • Grind the coffee! 23 grams of coffee ground to a medium-ish to fine-ish grind--I grind my coffee into a stainless milk frothing pitcher--it works great. 
  • Place 23 grams ground coffee in V60 & settle it--zero out scale again! 
  • Take a long stemmed spoon and make a small well in the center of the coffee bed with the spoon stem (weird, I know..but helps with channeling!)
  • Once water is at hottest temp (212), remove and start timer. 
  • Start pouring until scale reads 75-80 grams.
  • Stop pouring and gently agitate (like a small swirling) the V60 to saturate all the grounds.
  • Once the timer reads 45 sec, start pouring again. Stop pouring when the scale reads 200-210 grams. Agitate again and wait until timer reads that it has been about 30 sec from when you stopped pouring. 
  • Finish pouring until scale reads 360 grams. Gently agitate again and wait for the cup to be brewed. Total brew time is usually around 3 min 30 sec- 4 min. If your cup is brewed in way less time, consider making the grind slightly finer. If it is taking FOREVER, consider making the grind a bit coarser. 
  • Pour into your favorite (Notary) mug & enjoy!

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