Rituals // Floral with Ann from Hyssop

Ann Mekala, the brilliant and thoughtful floral designer behind Dear Hyssop, a beloved florist who is "inspired by nature, foraged locally and seasonally". 
I came across Ann's work about a year ago and was left breathless after absorbing all of the content she has created on her feed. Each arrangement feels like a true expression of her inner beauty and a gentle reminder to all of us that the natural world provides all of the inspiration we could ever want. 
Please enjoy the floral journey that Ann takes us on while trying out a few of our new designs from the 2020 Ritual lineup. 
"When you live in the north, the transition from winter to spring is a festive time. It is a dance between wild and gentle. It's still light at dinner time, you hear new birds singing in the morning, and you can smell the earth waking up when you step outside. But it can also be fierce with wild winds, blustery cold days, dark clouds and a few final snow storms before winter releases it's grip."
"I love to bring just budding branches and blooming bulbs indoors as we wait for spring to win the day and put winter away for another year. A vessel of bulbs and branches pair perfectly with an afternoon cup of tea, a March birthday dinner or set in your favorite cozy corner as you read a book. "
"Flower arranging is a ritual that brings me so much joy this time of year. Sometimes it starts with a long walk and a slow trip to the indoor flower market. Other times it comes from a happy accident like finding a few bulbs poking up in the woods or running to our neighbors yard and asking the tree trimmers if I can please have their branches. However it starts the practice of bringing botanical elements into your home is a sure way to celebrate new life and the warmer, longer days of spring. "
At home with Ann, and the serene atmosphere she has created. We can see how her personal perspective on the world has shaped her environment. And what a beautiful home she has built. I still think its incredible how one vase, one candle holder, one beautifully made ceramic bowl, can bring unique life to a space. This photo is the perfect embodiment of what a unique vessel, and a few blooms, a bit of candle light, and a little greenery can do to turn your space into a relaxing haven. 

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