Reviving a Tradition

Has anyone else longed for the days when an oil lamp burning on the table, and a fire in the hearth were your only sources of light? When electricity was still an anomaly, and the romance of slow living was the reality of real life? We aimed to bring back a glimmer of these times with our new Notary Oil Lamps.
Not only are they beautiful, and functional, but unlike candles, they will last forever and are very easy to wipe clean. They are also the perfect solution to outdoor dining, providing ambience to a table and a flame that will withstand some wind.
While oil lamps may be a relic of times past, there is no reason why you can't make them a staple of your modern life. We are happy to share our latest collection of lamps with you and these gorgeous images from Celine Steen, one of our favorite photographers and cookbook authors. 
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Pros of an oil lamp:
  • Candles and flashlights are very useful, but an oil lamp will burn from 60-120 hours
  • Wicks are cheap. An 8 inch wick will last through about 15 gallons of lamp oil. Wicks burn 1/4 to 1/2 inch for every half-gallon of oil.
  • Oil will burn about 1/2 ounce per hour. That means a half gallon of oil will last approximately 140-150 hours. (Vegetable oils will last slightly less.
The wick should never be extended too far above the ceramic bead because that will result in incomplete combustion and will cause smoke and soot deposits, as well as excessive heat. If you see smoke or soot, lower the wick until it stops
How to use your oil lamp:
  • Buy a nice, clean burning lamp oil. We like this one best - Firefly
  • Have a stash of extra wicks on hand. We like these best - Cotton
  • Remove the wick, and Fill your lamp up using a funnel, or a bottle of lamp oil with an easy tapered spout.
  • Fill lamp 3/4 full of oil
  • Put the wick back onto the base and allow the wick to become completely saturated with lamp oil.
  • Pull the wick up until it is just high enough over the ceramic bead to light easily, approximately one-fourth of an inch
  • Prime your wick by dripping a bit of lamp oil directly onto the exposed wick.
  • Allow wick to absorb lamp oil for at least 1/2 hour before trying to light your lamp
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All images by Celine Steen - from  'Have Cake Will Travel'

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