Retreat: Refresh Your Home For The New Year

During the winter months, with longer hours spent indoors, my creativity is always channeled into new visions for my home. While my mind, (and Instagram feed), can help me get lost in grand, big-budget projects, there are plenty of ways to elevate your home in simple and immediately satisfying ways.
Ridding your home of things may feel counterintuitive when the goal is to dress it up. However, when you sort through your belongings and let go of some clutter, you are left with the pieces that have remained significant to you over time. Therefore, this collection now more accurately represents you and your home’s style, offering you a cleaner slate and clearer direction.



Simple upgrades can utterly transform your space. Everyday utilitarian elements of our home can often be overlooked, but investing in hardware, such as cabinet knobs, light switches, and even your toilet paper holder in the powder room, can add charm and sophistication to your space with very little effort.



Lighting is one of the most significant elements of any design. The use of table lamps, pendants, or wall sconces accentuates the overall mood of your home. If there is only one home project you can do in 2024, let it be an investment in quality lighting.


Set The Table

Romanticizing eating-in during the winter months brings me the sweetest, giddiest joy. When I set my table, I adore my collection of bowls, platters and beautiful glasses. From table linens to dinnerware, upgrading your dining table is an easy way to bring life back into your home


 We hope the New Year has you off to a sweet and gentle start. If you are looking for more home refresh guidance, stop into the shop! We’ll be happy to see you there




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