Recipe: The perfect Charcuterie Board

Whether hosting a small gathering or event, or simply having a quiet night in, charcuterie boards are as fun to create as they are to consume. While carefully curated images on social media can make the process feel daunting, there are no rules! Chances are you already have all the components you need in your fridge or pantry. Here are our tips for creating a beautiful-and tasty- charcuterie board. 
What you'll need 
A large board or plate
A Knife
Cured meats 
Various cheeses 
Crackers/Bread slices
Dried/fresh fruit
The best cheese to use
A variety is important-both soft and hard cheeses are ideal. Depending on the size of your board, we suggest 3 different varieties minimum. Our go-to's are brie, mozerella and parmesean, but whatever your favorites are will do! 
Fresh or dried fruit?
We love both! Slices of pear, comquats and figs are especially beautiful, but dried cranberries and appricots add a nice texture as well. 
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