Pre-Order Dinner Plates Now Available

We have been secretely compiling stacks of dinner plates in preparation for our busy holiday season. 

We are finally ready to launch our pre-order dinner ware collection!!!

This means that you can now order up to 12 plates, $66 each,  any of our clay/glaze combos shown below. 

Our plates are 11" wide with a 1" rim to easily catch those pesky rolling pea's. Hand-made, sturdy, food and dishwasher safe, and emboss stamped with our logo into the bottom of each plate. 

We hope that our dinnerware collection will continue to grow over the coming months with the introduction of salad plates and soup bowls.

In the meantime, please enjoy these heirloom items in your home and in your daily life.

with love,



matte white glaze on porcelian clay

satin pale pink glaze on porcelian clay


matte grey glaze on chocolate stoneware clay


satin stone glaze on chocolate brown stoneware clay


satin black glaze on brown stoneware clay



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  • Charles Ross

    What is the price of the plates.

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