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Our little corner of heaven is nestled in the sweetest little corner of Portland, a town that has stolen our hearts known as Sellwood-Moreland.





 This place feels like home.

Here at Notary, you'll find a person behind every piece we make - passionate about creating intentional homewares that stand the test of time. It's all here. We have the ceramics and lighting production in the back, retail in front, the chai tea station, and can't forget about the loft where my kids recoup after a long school day. A piece of our hearts is melded into each and every corner of our shop and we absolutely love it.



We adore helping you choose just the right pieces for your space and hope the shop inspires you to slow down and enjoy the simple things. Come in, sip some tea with us, and allow us the privilege of inspiring your designs along the way.



PS Enjoy this beautiful behind-the-scenes video of our handmade ceramics process by Airball Studio!

Notary Ceramics from Airball Studio on Vimeo.



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  • Kelli

    I’m Kelli. I recently moved to the Sellwood community and am perpetually enamored by your shop. I am also a photographer/creative director. The photographs on your site are already stunning, so I am certain you work with someone great, but if you ever need anything, please let me know. I’d love to come by and photograph the space sometime. You can see my work at www.kellirad.com.

    With warmth,

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