Notary In Your Space with Gillian Stevens

You may find it difficult to find something Gillian Stevens does not do. As a mother, designer, photographer, and visual brand aficionado, Gillian has developed more than just an eye for interiors and creating a warm, inviting space.
Read more about her most recent design project, the Gillian Stevens Showroom below.
Your clothing brand is a lifestyle in and of itself, which stretches even beyond fashion. It seems like every item has a place and intention. Can you share more about this, and specifically what you look for when it comes to choosing homewares and decor?
I do lean towards a more minimalist approach when it comes to our home and spaces. We have never lived in large spaces and I don't like clutter so I have always been quite considerate of what pieces I bring into our home. If I am not using or wearing something for a long period of time, it gets passed on. This goes for kids toys as well. Everything has a place and when they are no longer playing with something it gets donated.

With so many creative faucets to your brand, what are some pieces you go back to which heighten creativity and continue to inspire you?
Visual storytelling has always been the core to what I do. I envision everything in my head before it gets translated into clothing or imagery. This goes back to my love for Europe. When I am not travelling there, I am thinking about it and a lot of my creativity comes from imagining living in another country.


    As a woman, mother, photographer, fashion designer, and brand mogul (I’m sure we’re missing something else here!), you live a full life. Do you have any sacred rhythms that ‘fill up your cup’?
    I am a morning person, and I love being the first one awake to spend a little bit of time alone. I am up between 5 and 6am, and love that time to myself to reflect and focus on what the day will bring, to dream.. often my best design ideas come at that time.
    Every week my best friend, husband and I have a Sunday Night Supper ritual. It may be my favourite night of the week - anyone else is always welcome to join too. I usually cook a feast, we drink natural wines, and catch up after the boys are in bed. Time set apart to be with friends and family truly is the biggest "cup filler" I can think of. 
    You have beautifully spun together a successful, awe-inspiring brand and have done so gracefully while mothering your children. Other than working hard, are there any personal passions, experiences, or inspirations that help you to lean into the more challenging projects?
    Thank you for those very kind words! Sometimes it doesn't feel quite so graceful but more of a frantic switching back and forth between the tabs open in my brain :). Experience is definitely helpful when facing challenges - mostly just the hindsight of knowing that everything will pass, and that things tend to work out how they should. Mostly I just feel so thankful to God to get to do what I love, and even in the challenges I am grateful for the life experiences.
    We have similar values, especially when it comes to goods that will be enjoyed for a lifetime. Would you say there is one single driving force behind each new project? If yes, please explain.
    Timelessness. My pieces are designed to be timeless, which necessitates it being made well. When things are made with quality and integrity, they can last a lifetime. And when people want something to last a long time, they take the time to care for it well. It's that principle that drives all my designs.
    Your showroom seems like a home away from home. You even have a kitchen! Can you tell us about your favorite space in the studio, and why?
    It truly is! It feels like my secret girls club where I don't have to clean up kids messes - ha! The main room has the most amazing light, and I am usually found working on the table in front of the fireplace.
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