Notary x Oaxaca Wool Rugs

We are excited to announce a new collection for Notary of beautiful, handloomed, 100% wool rugs made for us in the Oaxacan region of Mexico. 
One of my dearest friends, Carma Ferrier, moved to Mexico with her husband and her two small daughters over two years ago. Trained as a clothing designer she has impeccable taste and a keen eye for details. Carma was able to make connections with some very skilled artisans all around Mexico, and we were lucky enough to collaborate with one of them. 
These rugs are incredibly special for a number of reasons. One, they are made by hand on an old fashioned loom and take severl people, as well as multiple days to make. 
Each 100% wool rug is hand dyed with natural pigments that the makers collect from their local floral and fauna, preserve, and turn into dye lots for each specific project. 
There is one man and many women that make up this family collective of rug weavers, and the money that they make from the sale of each rug goes directly to feeding and housing their families. 
We have three designs in the shop, and each one is exclusive to Notary Ceramics. 
We designed two different styles around our pieces, one of an asymmetrical bowl that I use everyday in my kitchen. The other of two shallow bowls that take their cues from our ikebana bowl and our shallow salad bowls. 

Lastly, Carma created a special design based on her favorite flower, the Calla Lilly. 

We have a very limited run of each style so please note that if we sell out it will take some time to get another run of these beauties in the shop. 
We hope you fall in love with this gorgeous rugs in the same way that we did. They are truly an heirloom that will be treasured for years to come. 

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