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Well, it was destined to be a perfect match. The very first thing I saved up to buy when I created my little home studio was a tiny, 1975, Skutt Electric Sitter Kiln. It intimidated and eluded me for months....sitting in my basement without being used while I drove across town to fire my work at a community space. When I finally got the nerve to fire that little baby up I was so proud and determined that I vowed not let fear stand in my way of learning and mastering this new craft. 
Fast forward three years and I am in my beautiful new studio/shop space and have one of the largest ceramics kilns that Skutt makes. A powerful 1220, with enough room to fire a weeks worth of bisque. 
So when it came time to replace one of my wheels I was pleasantly suprised to see that Skutt offered a very nice line of sturdy, well built wheels. It was a bonus knowing that Skutt's headquarters and manufacturing space is less than a mile from my house in Portland, Or. I also very much admire that Skutt is a family run business and that Jim is the third generation owner. 
Side note- I came to my shop early one morning to find a little note, and a business card slid under my door. The note was from Jim Skutt, president of Skutt, and said that he liked my studio and that he spotted one of his kilns through the window. He also offered any help with my machine should I need it. Im pretty sure that customer service like this is either very rare, or basically exinct here in the US. 
When I reached out to Jim nearly a year later with a query about his wheels he offered me a tour of the factory and to see all of the wheels in person. 
I mentioned to Jim that I have had back issues for some time and that I would really like a standing wheel. I have been using my wheel propped up on a wobbly table for far too long! He let me test out the height of the standing wheel and mentioned that we could add these adjustable legs to my existing wheels as well. 
Now we are using two standing wheels in our studio. One is the SSX Steven Hill by Skutt and the other is our original Pacifica wheel with Skutts leg extension kit. 
My employees are so happy not be bending over and seated all day and I am excited because my new wheel is a beast! It can handle more clay that I could ever physically center myself.
If you are a potter and are in the market for a new wheel or simply want to try out standing and throwing, I can highly recommend Skutt's products after using them in my life and studio. 
Now I will be pining for the new touch screen control box they have designed for their kilns that pairs with an App on your phone! 
Happy Throwing!
xx, sarah


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  • Ruth Hesse

    Hi, I just got a Stephen Hill Skutt wheel with the adjustable legs. How high to you like the wheel head in relation to your body? I have not used my wheel yet because I am a wimp when it comes to cold weather. I am psyching myself up to give it a go this week. I have never thrown standing before. Do you have any helpful hints? Thank you! Ruth in Lynden

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