Notary in your space - Zoe Ching

Zoe Ching is a freelance visual content producer in Portland, OR. One day she wandered into Notary Ceramics in Sellwood and was instantly drawn in, “There is something magical about process. It is like baking. The transformation is the most captivating part,” says Zoe. 
Zoe began her career at Smith Teamaker in 2015. Watching raw materials being carefully weighed out and placed into bags. The development process behind creating new blends. It was all fascinating to her and she had a camera to capture it all. Zoe then moved on to work for Schoolhouse, a curated lighting and home goods store in Portland, OR where they make and assemble their products inside the Portland factory. This was around the same time that Zoe was remodeling her home. 
A craftsman bungalow home from 1923 with great bones but a tired look and feel. “We wanted to keep the beautiful built-ins and character of the house, but repurpose some of the underutilized space that the strange layout was allowing for,” says Zoe. 
“It was such an inspiring time to be working at Schoolhouse and redesigning my home. Realizing that the design process takes time and you can’t force a look. The most rewarding thing has been curating pieces over time. Adding my first bowl from Notary Ceramics there was a sense of pride and purpose. It just felt like something I had given a lot of thought to was now part of my every day life and that felt special to me.”
Products featured in this post are courtesy of Notary Ceramics, and are all available on the webshop. 

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