Notary In Your Space with Sarah Van Raden

We found our little house in 2008 during a rough time in our nations economy and a scary time to be a 20 something buying your first home.
We rented out the second bedroom to one of our dearest freinds in order to afford the tiny mortage. As our careers grew, and we found our footing, we were able to think about creating a family in this space.
We have now lived in this farmhouse, on a dirt road, in a corner of Portland, Oregon for over 15 years. 
It is the space where I went into labor with both of our daughters, started Notary Ceramics out of our window-less basement, and have watched our house become the comfortable and inviting home that I always wished to create. 


After the sometime chaotic, always interesting weekday rhythm between school, work and a 'social life', we take respite seriously. The big wind-down happens on the weekends when we're to be found smooshed together on the sofa, making a mess in the kitchen, or napping while the kids watch movies.


When creating a home, I aim to incorporate items that tell a story, and I love finding that perfect balance of mixing the old with new. My girls also have a knack for finding interesting objects from the natural world, and they are scattered throughout our house. There is nothing better than a thrift store score, or finding that perfect wierd rock on a walk that makes your mantel just a bit more interesting. 
When it comes to my work, I strive to make heirloom-quality pieces that can be enjoyed over time, things even my daughters' family can someday enjoy. 
Hopefully they look back on our home as a non-precious, comfortable place that they were able to truly unwind in. 

This old house has plenty of creaks and wobbles and wonky things about it to love, but the beauty of every nook and cranny of this home seems to rely mostly on the shifting light across the room.

On the weekends we spend lazy mornings in front of the kitchen window guzzling coffee and if we are very motivated, eating pancakes. Our afternoons are filled with crafts and movies, and evenings are spent on the sofa or in the kitchen nook playing cards. The girls love that they are old enough to make popcorn now and our weekends wouldnt be complete without huge bowls of it throughout the day. 



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