Notary in your space: Melissa Parman

We are always happy to see how you use our pieces in your home. A constant reminder of the functionality that I was so drawn to with this art form, I am always inspired by the different ways our work is welcomed into your lives.

One source of inspiration for us, is Notary customer Melissa Parman. Below, see some of our work in her beautiful home.

Featured; Notary custom pitcher, Notary trefoil pitcher,
one of a kind Notary ringed vase 
"We live in a small cottage that we have poured our hearts into by slowly renovating it ourselves. We aspire to live pretty minimally, but I love to fill my home with handmade pieces that are beautiful and often functional. I believe that the objects you surround yourself with are important because they are a quiet, yet ever present part of your daily life. There is something special about a handmade piece that can elevate your daily routines, whether by helping you along your way or by reminding you to slow down- if only for a moment anyway- to appreciate its beauty."
Notary matte white candlesticks, matte gray saucer
candlesticks, and cradle candle bowls 
Notary spouted matcha prep bowl and tea bowl
Find more of Melissa's stunning home and photographs at @theslowerhome
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Xo Sarah 


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