Notary in your space: Jade Mikell

We first came across Jade Mikell when she tagged us in a post on her Instagram. We were immediately drawn to her raw, authentic and poetic words that accompany her very whimsical photography. 
We asked Jade to tell us a little bit about herself and what draws her to the things she brings into her home and her life. 
“As an Autistic woman I take great care in choosing what textures I bring into my home, as sensory processing is something I do with more sensitivity in regards to my environment. Notary Ceramics pieces always bring a soothing energy to whatever role they have taken on in my daily life, as well as being made with versatility, durably and of course, beauty. The minimal lines and soft textures always lend a sense of calm to my home, something that becomes even more important when inhabiting such a small space. Supporting a fellow woman-run small business and artist never fails to bring me joy, either.” - Jade Mikell
See more of Jade here

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