Notary in your space // Irene De Klerk Wolters

With neutral tones and gorgeous interiors, Irene's instagram caught our attention early on. So you can imagine our excitement, every time we spot our pieces sprinkled around her space. Below, Dutch painter Irene shares a little about herself and a glimpse into her stunning her home in Copenhagen 
Can you tell us a little about yourself?
We are a Dutch family of four. My boys are 14-year old Beau, and 9-year-old Pepijn. Seven years ago, we moved from Holland to Copenhagen. The move was meant to be an adventure for a year or two - but we stayed! Both my husband and I work here. Since I’m a painter I can work anywhere. I take care of the boys, and while they are at school, I do my work.
I worked as a lawyer for more than 15 years. I have always loved interiors, fashion, painting, being creative in all kinds of ways. When more and more people asked me to make them a painting, it made me think I could actually live a creative life. After a long thought, I quit my job as a lawyer for Nestlé and started to work for myself. One of my biggest decisions ever and also one of my best!
Where do you find inspiration?
I find inspiration in everything.
Nature (my huge love for the ever changing sea), fashion, museums, people waking in the street, traveling to new places...I think I’m always observing wherever I am, or whatever I’m doing. Taking it all and probably it all will be somewhere in my mind when I’m painting. 
What do you consider before welcoming objects into your home?
I only buy something when I really really love it. I can fall in love and save money for it or I can fall in love and all of a sudden and buy it. The last is when we are traveling and I know I like it and don’t have time to consider it.
So basically I buy with my intuition and somehow it all seems to fit together. New, vintage & antiques. I like when it tells a story. Where I bought it, who made it.. I like to know the story behind it.
Like Notary ceramics. Before we went to California I knew about her ceramics and loved it so much. I thought it would be a wonderful memory of our trip. 
I checked before hand where I could find it. Because traveling with boys means know where you go & what you want otherwise nobody had fun anymore;)

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