Notary in your space / Gabi Hutchison

"We try to fill our home with meaningful and useful objects that reflect our overall goal for the space: that it be a place of warmth and comfort. My aesthetic mind, as my husband calls it, is drawn to organic shapes and textures--forms, materials, and patterns that merge to create a familiar and welcoming atmosphere, but also an atmosphere that is stimulating to our senses, both in terms of how an object is used and how it looks. The compatibility of the objects within the space speaks very loudly to me in particular, which is why filling our home with beautiful, well-crafted, made-to-last items, like our Notary pieces, is so satisfying." -Gabi Hutchinson

Gabi's neutral tones paired with bright staple pieces, prove she is no stranger to curating a beautifully inviting space. Below, see how she styles and uses her Notary within her home. 

Spouted Matcha Prep Bowl 

Taper Candleholder

Ikebana Canister

Talisman Wall Hanging


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