Notary in your space // Emilie Nielsen

As the face behind ‘Atelier Wabi-Sabi,' Emilie,  an independent artist and interior stylist from Copenhagen, says she would describe herself as "a minimalist and therefore I’m drawn to interiors that feels light and airy."

Emilie goes on to say, "When it came to styling my home, I drew inspiration from Nordic and Japanese influences." This is evident in the rustic simplicity she has curated and created in her space. 

"Keeping my home minimal, decorated with natural materials and neutral colors, makes me feel calm. It is also the perfect space to be inspired, when I’m creating my art." 

"When the interior is kept minimalistic, I also feel that the individual pieces that I have picked stands out more. "

"I love to collect meaningful things for my home, that I can have for many years, whether it’s furniture or home goods. I especially have a deep love for handmade ceramics, because I know the love and craft that has been put into them. 


That’s why when I travel, I always make sure to bring back home goods. They give my home a personal and unique touch. I also love that there is a meaningful story behind them." We couldn't agree more! 

Thank you to Emilie for giving us a peek inside her home, and a glimpse into her decoration process. 

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