Notary in the New Year

Notary has been expanding quite a lot in the last year. We have added a table lamp collection, increased our offerings of homegoods, and started to carry a tighly curated selection of books. 
For 2021 I am inspired to continue this trajectory. We will be adding pendant lights to our lighting collection, offering a new selection of home design books and cook books, and we will be bringing in a few inspiring new lines from around the world.
You can expect a new Lookbook for 2021 to be released in late February, as we are already busy creating new pieces to share with you. The theme last year was Rituals, while we celebrated all those sacred moments that make our days a little more special. This year the theme is Light & Sea, a celebration of longer days and a brighter road ahead. This is also the year that we purchased a vacation house on the Oregon Coast. We are looking forward to shooting our new products in this house that is absolutely a work in progress, but one that holds endless possibilities and lots of open spaces. 
Stay tuned! And I want to personally thank our amazing customers for your ongoing support. This past year has been a challenge for all small businesses in one way or another. We are incredibly grateful to have made it through, and to be able to continue growing our little company. 
"when you support a small business, an actual person does a little happy dance." 
with love, 

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