Notary gets a Makeover

We are elated to announce our collaboration with Argentinian graphic designer, Martin, from Foler Graphic and Design. 
We worked closely with Martin to come up with a custom logo that would immediately catch the viewers attention and give cues as to what our business is about. 
We were very drawn to Martin's simple and illustrative logos. His use of clean and bold line work seems to resonate with what our products strive towards; graceful, minimal, simplicity.
It is no surprise that many of our customers were originally confused by our name, and our Notary stamp logo didn't always make it clear that what we offer is indeed ceramics and not Notary services! 
We find ourselves often repeating the same explanation, "to notarize something is to authenticate an original or an original copy. As production potters we are in the business of creating authentic and original pieces while often making many replicas of the same form."
We hope that you agree that the logo we chose is both timeless, simple, and an obvious statement about our craft. And perhaps it just might ward off a few of the questions "So, are you a Notary?" . :)

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