Notary Ceramics x Maru Coffee LA

One of my favorite collaborations to date has been with Maru Coffee. Owned and created by Jacob Park and Joonmo Kim, "Maru" comes from the Korean word "San ma ru," or mountaintop, and was inspired by the fact that high quality coffee beans come from high elevation. Each space they've created is a reflection of their emphasis on aesthetics, celebrating warm and simple minimalism in every detail--from their handmade wood furniture and shelving, to the custom ceramic pieces we've created for them. Together, they've built this serene place for the community to experience hospitality and respite from the hustle of the city.  
With now two locations, one in Los Feliz and another in the LA Arts District, Maru has grown over the years and we are thrilled to continue partnering with them. From our hands to yours, hope you find yourself sitting in one of their shops, holding a warm cup of excellent coffee. 
Photos from @marucoffeela via Instagram
Pictured here: Notary Matcha Prep Bowls, Simple Mugs, and Tea Bowls

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