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We are always looking to expand our offerings while holding onto the style that we have worked hard to hone into what has become simply Notary Ceramics. Going into fall we wanted to find a new glaze (glaze is the glassy finish that is applied to the clay once it has gone through its first firing). We sampled many different white glazes on our rustic brown stoneware clay body and we fell in love with the milky, satin finish that this particular glaze imparts. For those of you who love the brown clay body, but who do not like the slightly rougher feel of our 'Matte Grey' glaze, this new Satin Stone is your ticket! Available in pitchers, vases and mugs, this glaze will also soon be available in dinner plates for pre-order. Feel free to contact us if this sounds like something you want to hear more about. We will make a large announcement about our pre-order dinner plates very soon!

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  • thefolia

    I love the flowers in the last photo…they were in my wedding bouquet! Of course the pottery is sleek and would love it in my nest to admire. Happy creating and feasting with pieces of art.

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