Notary x Maria Seasonal Dinner

It is such a joy to find like minded, creative women and even more so when we have the opportunity to work with them. Alba has been a favorite customer of ours for years now, so when she and her sister embarked on this new endevor we knew we had to be a part of it! See below, images from our first ever exclusive Notary event, in collaboration with Maria. (And stay tuned for more events coming soon!) 
A 5 course meal, paying homage to the bounty of summer as we give way to the comforts of fall and the slower season. Each served on handmade ceramics and paired with a carefully selected glass of wine by Suzor Wines
Rooted in the familiarity between sisters Ana and Alba, the flavors they grew up with and their life experiences, María is an experiment to share food and stories. An invitation to nourish relationships.
More exclusive events will be offered in the near future, to the members of our Trade Program. Apply today!
Photos by Alissa DeFrang

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