Living with handmade ceramics

There is a myth around handmade ceramics that they are more fragile or delicate than machine made pottery. The truth is that they are fired to the same temperatures and are therefor as durable and their machine produced counterparts. The differences lie in the handmade and imperfect elements within each piece. These details define the charm and beauty of a skillfully made ceramic dish or sculpture. Each one unique, and with the marks left behind of the maker that spent their time creating it for you to enjoy. 

I was recently told by one of our regular customers that the reason she loves using our ceramics is that "they each hold a story and a feeling. I can literally feel the human touch and care in each piece." I thought this was such a beautiful sentiment. And a very eloquent way of describing the experience of connecting to another person through the use of an object. 

In this post we want to share with you how we enjoy living with handmade ceramics in our own lives. And we want to show you a few interesting ways to incorporate them into your daily routines. Each one bringing that human connection to your unique experience.


*Ceramics in your kitchen-

The joy of plating even the simplest meal on a handmade plate can be felt immediately. All of a sudden your toast with butter and honey feels like an extravagant experience. The way that they stack on your shelf, all slightly askew, leaving small cracks of light and air, bringing a sense of perfect asymmetry. The Japanese view centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection, Wabi Sabi, is a literal celebration of the imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete. Nowhere is this truer than with the perfectly imperfect nature of hand thrown ceramic plates. 




*Ceramics as decor

The easiest way to curate an interesting and unique home is by bringing in objects that are just that. Vintage, handmade and found items hold a special value that other mass produced pieces simply can't. They are more personal which in turn give your surroundings a sense of wonder and personality. 

A handmade vase filled with foraged greenery, a talisman hung above your bed, a wonky bowl filled with collected beach stones, an old linen thrown slung over the arm of your favorite chair...each item tells a story of the person's experience and unique style. 


*Ceramics as daily rituals-

Soon we will be launching our 2020 lineup and it will be centered around the rituals that we incorporate into our daily lives. I find it especially important to make time for these quiet moments as life with two small children, and a growing business to run, often leave little time for reflection. 

My favorite rituals center around coffee, tea, burning incense, sharing a cup of sake, and arranging flowers in my collection of wonky glassware and ceramics. 

Making time to enjoy these small moments has had a profound affect on my overall happiness and well being. I hope that our pieces can bring a bit of joy and ceremony to your daily rituals as well. 


with love, 


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