Listeners Choice Award!!!!

The Potters Cast is a very influential and inpiring podcast run by the charismatic Paul Blais. He interviews ceramicists from every facet of the industry about their businesses, their craft, their process and their lives. 

I was honored to be interviewed by Paul in 2018 and he was as charming and kind as he seems on the Podcast. 

Paul recently released a special episode to celebrate his 500th episode. In his words, "I went to the mic and asked for the listeners to send me their top picks from the first 500 episodes and what part of the episodes really made and impact. For some of the people who wrote in I was able to call them and have a short conversation, and for others I read their email. Either way, this episode is dear to my heart. I hope you enjoy it."

I am so flattered and surprised that my episode was chosen by his listeners as one of their favorites from the last 500. Especially because I was so nervous and apprehensive to partake in the interview in the first place. But, I am so glad that I overcame my nerves and was able to be a part of this amazing Podcast!

I hope you love the episode and that you are introduced to many other inspiring potters that Paul talks with. 


with love,


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