Jersey Ice Cream Co. x Notary Lamp

They say that good things take time. Our partnership with Jersey Ice Cream Co. took months of collaboration and effort to create a product that spoke both to Notary's brand while also being a piece that Tara and Percy from Jersey Ice Cream Co. could use in their extensive interior design projects. 
About Jersey Ice Cream Company:  We have followed their incredible trajectory over the past several years as this couple has risen to be one of the most respected and admired interior design duo's on the market. Their signature style of old world meets new, and penchant for bespoke plaster walls has created a cult following. In their words "We believe in craftsmanship, timelessness, and leaving things better than we found them." We couldn't imagine a better partnership!
Our lamp is shown here in Tara & Percy's home in Upstate New York. Tara photographed the lamp in the changing winter light of her bedroom. Set upon the backdrop off their gorgeous pink plaster walls, we are enamored by the old world elegance that her photography consistently exhibits. 
 This lamp has a curvy shape reminiscent of Botticelli's bodies. Soft, round, curved, and in the palest hue of pink. 
We hope you love our creations with Jersey Ice Cream Co. as much as we do! It was a true labor of love!!!!
These last two images are from Percy + Tara's Brooklyn apartment. A more modern setting for our beautiful lamp. We thought it would be nice to show you how this piece can work equally well in two very different settings. 
As this is a limited collaboration we only have a handful of lamps available for pre-order. If you are giving this as a gift for the holidays we will mail you a pretty little package with a printed postcard inside. A beautiful picture of the lamp will grace the front, while the back with speak to the gift that your loved one will receive. 
Happy Holidays and thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
Xo, Sarah

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