Meet The Team - Blake

Introducing the Notary Team
This month is Blake's one year anniversary at Notary Ceramics. She joined the team to work the storefront and to assist with our shipping department, (a department that consists solely of Blake and Tina, who you'll also meet soon). We're really pleased to introduce you to this wonderful gal. 
Name - Blake Raspberry, Blakey-poo, peanut. My Mom called me Bill as a kid and my friends called me Killer B because I was very much a delicate little awkward nerdy girl.
I am Gemini Sun, Moon and Cancer Rising and I definitely feel like my rising sign is truest to myself. Let me be cozy and emotional all day long, please. 
A Typical Morning I love a long leisurely morning to putz around and get all my little things done. I roll out of bed at 630ish and do yoga and meditate while my cat meows at me and my dogs continue to snore. Then I make a smoothie and go for a walk while listening to a silly comedy podcast or a weird history podcast or a classic lit audio book. Then I usually call my mom and we ask each other how we slept and wish we each other a good day. I make a giant thing of tea and then get my day started!
In The Shop -  I dream about our lighting, the beautiful table lamp #339 in particular. I know exactly where I would put it in my home. I want a pendant for above my bed too….
Currently I am very focused on my building my new Electrology business so I can help people feel good in their bodies. I feel like since my divorce 3 years ago, I’ve been in a chrysalis creating my new self and building a new, peaceful, stable life for myself and in the last couple months since opening my doors to Rose City Electrolysis, I sort of feel like I’m starting to come out into the world as my new and improved self. I also have PCOS and am super focused on my health and making good choices to honor and protect my body.
I am lucky enough to have a career as an electrologist, where I do permanent hair removal and make people feel more at home in their bodies. Gender affirming care is really rewarding and beautiful and I feel lucky to do it. 
In The Kitchen -  I make a really delicious pesto chicken salad that I love to have during the warm weather. Topped with pickled onions, Mama’s Lil Peppers and pine nuts. It’s so easy and turns out so good every time. 
Eating in Portland - Navarre is my favorite!
What we have to know - I have one sweet tuxedo cat named Wilco. He is 12 and is the sweetest kindest loviest handsomest cat in the world. I also have two weird little scruffy mutts. Figgy is 6 and she’s a chihuahua yorkie and is the best girl in the world and would never do anything wrong. She loves everybody, even little babies and is the most catlike a dog has ever been. My other dog is named Franny, she’s 5 and she is a firecracker. She has some health issues and takes a steroid everyday, which makes her a little cranky and also pretty bald. She has a big personality and even though she’s kind of a huge weirdo, she’s still so full of love and I love her to death!
Thank you, Blake, for being part of the Notary Ceramics team!!
You can support Blake's latest venture by following along at Rose City Electrolysis
PS Blake and her mom are also the hands behind Blithe & Bonny. We carry their beautiful soap, sprays and hand creams in the shop. 

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