Introducing Saint Rita Parlor

Introducing Saint Rita Parlor
Creator Neil Bardon says that the tightly edited apothecary line pays tribute to his grandmother Rita who was an avid enthusiast of gardening + whiskey. 
Rita would tend to her rose garden while smoking a hand rolled tobacco cigarette and drinking a whisky and water.
We can attest to the enigmatic wearer's persona once you have dabbed on the first spot of perfume. Seemingly transporting us to a simpler time and giving an air of understated allure to its subject. 
Try one or both, we think you will love this androgynous scent as much as we do.
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Rita's Car + Signature
The two classic scents behind St. Rita Parlor. 
Finest quality parfum. Limited unisex fragrance comprised of over 18 rare and organic essential oils. Handmade by Saint Rita Parlor in Los Angeles, California.
Signature //
Notes: Whiskey, Tobacco, and Rose
Rita would tend to her rose garden whilst smoking a hand-rolled tobacco cigarette and drinking a whiskey and water.
Rita's Car //
Notes: Leather, Vanilla Musk, Tobacco, Rare Coins, and Fresh Cut Foliage
Weekend driver.  Tobacco smoke, worn leather seats and fresh cut foliage aside a whiskey bag filled with coins used for Saturday night bingo.
Incense Cones // Rita's Car & Signature
25 pyres | 2.0 oz
Burn time: 20 minutes

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