Homestead + House / Valentine's Collaboration

Homestead + House / Valentine’s collaboration 

A sweet, yet refined Valentine's piece. We are so excited to introduce our limited edition collaboration with our dear friend Amber from Homestead + House to create our very own candle with an added heart detail stamped into the rim. Enjoy the soft glow through the tiny cut out as your candle scents your space with sweet rose. Once finished, our candle holder can be cleaned with hot water and used as a mug or planter. 

We are so thrilled to be working with another fellow woman owned brand and are equally pleased to introduce you to the maker behind the magic

Please introduce yourself

My name is Amber. I’m the owner, operator and creator for Homestead+House. I’m a one woman show who still (currently) works full time in healthcare. My passion for natural products and simple beauty is the driving force for my business.

How did you get into apothecary?

My Mom was an herbalist and midwife when I was growing up. I have been surrounded by apothecary for as long as I can remember! I took the leap into selling my handmade products right before the pandemic hit. Although there have been lots of challenges with that, it has also given me a much needed outlet to turn off the stressors from the healthcare component of my daily life.

Do you have a favorite product to make?

I have to say making lotion is my favorite. There’s something so magical about all the individual ingredients coming together to create this amazing product that feels and smells so good!

What do you enjoy in your free time?

I love to spend time in my garden for most of the year. During the cold dark months of winter I enjoy drinking tea by the fire with a good book.

Do you have any Valentine’s plans? 

Typically valentines for me involve chocolates with my daughters :)
You can follow Amber on Instagram and shop the limited edition collaboration HERE

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