Creating a Cozy Space for Autumn/Winter

With autumn finally upon us, we have all instinctually begun to turn inwards. From making warm, nourishing meals, to gathering stacks of blankets and fresh new candles, we are all in deep preperation. Here we share our 6 tips for creating a cozy space for the colder months ahead

Photo Kris LeBoeuf / Words Alissa DeFrang

1. Intentional Lighting

It is no secret we are fans of beautiful, intentional lighting. Whether it's the soft glow of a table lamp on a bedside, a hanging pendant in the kitchen, or beautiful old antique floor lamp by the sofa, we find that lighting can be a statement piece as much as a vessel for light. Choosing the lighting in your home conciously, is one of the simplest ways to add a cozy touch to your space without over cluttering it. 

2. Light Candles

There is nothing better than the soft glow of a burning candle. Whether you prefer Scented Tumblers or Beeswax Tapers, filling your home with candles is sure to bring an element of warmth and comfort. 

3. Bring Plants Indoors

While the season's harvest has come to an end, this does not mean it's time to put the vases away. Cut branches, stems, dried grasses...anything with an interesting texture or nice color. Vases do not need to be reserved for flowers, get creative with your arrangements and don't be afraid to take some clippers and forage! 

4. Stock up on Books 

Cold weather brings more time indoors, and with it time to finally catch up on some reading! Stock up on beautiful coffee table and recipe books and find inspiration throughout the season. 

5. Fill your Pantry with Warm Drinks 

Whether you're team coffee or tea, there is no denying sipping on a warm beverage on a cold day is one of life's simple pleasures. Fill your favorite mug and enjoy a cozy ritual. (For the loose leaf tea lovers check out this new line of organic tea!)

6. Invest in Quality Blankets 

A quality blanket will not only make bundling up all the more enjoyable, but it will also last you many seasons to come. Take time to find a color, texture and weight you love and enjoy it for years. 

What are your favorite ways to make a space feel cozy? 

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