A Slow Living Manifesto by Natalie Walton

A Slow Living Manifesto
As seen on Natalie Walton's journal 


1. Create a vision - How do you want to live your life?
We can only create a life we can see.

2. Develop a value framework - Make meaningful change based on a personal philosophy, and live by that.

3. Find your ‘why’ - Have a clear sense of purpose to make the right choices.

4. Focus on priorities - Set boundaries around what’s important in your life, and allocate your resources accordingly.

5. Take responsibility - Recognize the difference between a need and a want. And that we have a choice - from what we consume to how we live.

6. Let go - worry less about how other people are living their lives. Care less about attaching status to objects, and meaning them as a sign of self-worth. Let go to move forward.

7. Switch off - Disconnect to reconnect with ourselves and what matters most. Create community in real life.

8. Live in the now - Become awake to the real beauty of our lives. Reclaim what’s most important.

9. Cultivate good feelings - Pay attention to when we feel good or energised. Cultivate and nurture these strands of our life.

10. Embrace SLOW living one step at a time - consider Sustainable Local Organic Whole choices. Develop a rhythm that works for our lives, and find pleasure in the process.

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Photo by Kris LeBoeuf 

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