The Mattarello
The Mattarello

The Mattarello

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A true pasta workhorse. This rolling pin was created for heavy duty professional kitchen use. The name, comes from its process, created in the same way as American baseball bats.

Hard eastern maple logs are split, to access the straightest grain. Each blank is then dried slowly in a kiln for 1 month, before turning. This gives each pin the most resilience to the turning process, and environment over its life. The straightest pin possible.

Unlike cheaper, narrower mass produced pins, which are pushed through a doweling press (causing stress and warpage) these rolling pins are built extra tough, 1 7/8" diameter, a size not possible with most factory machinery. This creates a more comfortable, and efficient rolling experience.

Each pin is made with a knob end for hanging, and a rounded end for sliding pasta off without damaging.

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