Notary Lighting Collection #162

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This table lamp is handmade in our sandy brown stoneware and glazed in our signature matte putty glaze, with a painted-on Hakeme effect. 

*This lamp is discounted because it has a slight wobble, and does not sit perfectly flat as the base warped a bit in the kiln. It still functions perfectly as a lamp. 

Approximate Details:

  • 17" Tall with the shade
  • Hardware- un-lacquered brass, twisted cotton cord, antique style plug for US outlet.
  • Shade- Handmade coated linen shade, custom made for Notary Ceramics.

Each piece from this collection is one of a kind.

Our lighting collection is both timeless as well as modern, and just a bit rustic. Each lamp base is hand thrown on a potter's wheel in Portland, OR by Notary owner, Sarah Van Raden.

Each lamp is then wired by a certified electrician using the finest components. The hardware is solid unlacquered brass, and the cords are waxed cotton twisted cording fitted with an antique-style plug. We had the pleated, coated linen shades made for us in Norway and shipped over.

Each lamp is a unique piece of art that can be considered an investment in an heirloom that will last for many years to come.

Notary Lighting Collection #162
Notary Lighting Collection #162
Notary Lighting Collection #162
Notary Lighting Collection #162

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