Notary Lighting Collection #107

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This table lamp is handmade from our sandy stoneware clay and glazed in a soft matte white that is applied by hand using a Japanese technique called Kesho or hakeme, which means that white slips and other materials are applied on the surface of the body using various materials. In our case, we made some brushes out of worn-out broom bristles all bound together. This creates a unique texture that cannot be exactly replicated. 

Approximate Details:

  • 15" Tall
  • Hardware- un-lacquered brass, twisted cotton cord, antique style plug for US outlet.
  • Shade- Handmade coated linen shade, custom made for Notary Ceramics.

Each piece from this collection is one of a kind.

Our lighting collection is both timeless as well as modern, and just a bit rustic. Each lamp base is hand thrown on a potter's wheel in Portland, OR by Notary owner, Sarah Van Raden.

Each lamp is then wired by a certified electrician using the finest components. The hardware is solid unlacquered brass, and the cords are waxed cotton twisted cording fitted with a European style plug. We had the pleated, coated linen shades made for us in Norway and shipped over.

Each lamp is a unique piece of art that can be considered an investment in an heirloom that will last for many years to come.

Notary Lighting Collection #107
Notary Lighting Collection #107
Notary Lighting Collection #107